"Why Not?"


The 3 courses above contain basic information that everyone should know about exercise, energy, and weight training. It is a primer. It is information readily available if you chose to look for it. You could get this information in any college course on Weight Training and basic physiology ( Even though my College Instructor personally did not exercise and gave me a" C" for the course because I told him one set was a crock ). It is compiled and offered here as a free service. And I must warn you...it is kind of boring. There are some technical details and math that is very important to know, but it is not as exciting as my ab blasting workout. I enjoy all that stuff about as much as I LOVE keeping records and moving my training variables around like a sound mixer on a synthesizer. However, not everyone is as far into it I as I am. Most guys who were in the bodybuilding game when I started are already through their first or second comebacks and way into retirement, but I digress. However, take the time to read and memorize all of the free courses, and you will be able to help yourself and others more effectively. If this isn't true I will send you a free LEEAPPERSON.com T-shirt. However, it is true, so if you want to buy a T-shirt you will have to ask me in person in one of my many appearances.

This year I will be all over the world. I will post my schedule so come look for me. I love to meet my fans, so come and meet me. My Online Personal Training is another exciting service I am offering. Look into this if you want to get together with me and discuss your training. Going on vacation? Getting ready for a big show? I also offer "in-person" training sessions right here in Florida, USA.